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    The ITN Forging Identities1 will explore intercultural interaction in Bronze Age Europe – a golden epoch between 3000 and 500 BC with new patterns of social identification, specialised production, complex polities and wide-reaching networks across Europe.


    Forging Identities Final Reports

     Final report (253 kb)
     Shortlist of publications 2009-2013 (61 kb)
     Conference abstracts: Cultural Mobility June 2012 (375 kb)


    Aarhus, Borum Eshøj Field School 2011 



    Borum Eshøj video


    Százhalombatta Field School 2010

    Teleac 2010


    Százhalombatta Field School 2009




    • How did the movement of people, animals, plants, things, ideas, and knowledge take place and on what scale?

    • How did cultural mobility impact on the social life of settlements?

    • How were European and regional identities forged through interaction?


    These and other questions will be researched by building on European networking and by using a cross-disciplinary methodology combining archaeology, natural science and sociology. This shared platform shall create knowledge of the mobility of people and culture – including the new metal bronze – and insight into the forging of European and regional identities that shaped this remarkable period.

    Detailed project description (95 kb)





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